Kermilya Simmons


Hello! My name is Kermilya Simmons! I originally launched my ItWorks! business in September 2014 to earn a little extra income to pay off student loans. I had no idea that my business would grow into something much more! Taking this leap of faith has been an incredible blessing to my family! I am not only earning extra residual income, but I am doing something I am passionate about! I love that I can help encourage and motivate others to focus on their health and wellness goals- mind, body, and spirit!! In addition, I am able to help others have hope again by helping them achieve financial FREEDOM!

On April 14th, 2016 I officially resigned from my job as a Public Health Nutritionist/Supervisor in my community. It was bittersweet, as this was once my dream job that I prayed for. However, I am excited about my new journey as a "Mompreneur"! In addition, I am the Co-founder of Anchor 6, Inc., a nonprofit organization geared towards young adults living with a(n) chronic illness(es). Outside of my career, I am happily married to my husband, Marcus! We are very proud parents of our sweet baby girl, Maddie!


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